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Ash Devine

Musician & Caring Clown

Songstress of the Appalachian mountains, and finger picking pro: Ash is a compassionate human, street musician, and caring clown who has been there for me when it mattered, with food. In Asheville, NC, we shared the haunt Beanstreets, a coffee shop with live music and funky art, before some new owner changed the business and painted it lime green.

Annette Gandy Fortt

Artist & Teacher

Mrs. Fortt was my high school art teacher, and so in my mind may be permanently “Mrs. Fortt” though Annette is a beautiful name. I have enjoyed communicating with her over the years and seeing her art. In describing her work, she says,

“My body of work deals with a variety of subjects but my vision is broad enough to include things observed, things felt and things believed.   I do not see the zones between social realities, spiritual truths and surrounding beauty as opposing forces but all coming together to express my point of view.”

Molly Reeder

Baker & Artist

Molly is pensive. Together we cultivate a quiet so serene it is almost dreamlike – swirling ink settling in a jar of paint water. We sat by the creek on a blanket eating avocadoes and exchanged ornate handwritten letters. Not only are her cakes and drawings fabulous, but Molly has a knack for photographing said drawings and cakes in such a way that the photographs invite you to feel snug and inspired.

Mirabai Kwan Yin

Fashion Designer & Visual Artist

We shared a glorified adolescence: massive yellow boombox hauled on the shoulder at 3 am blasting Powerman 5000 in the tennis court, drinking rainwater from roses at midnight in locked church gardens, streaking through the golf course sprinklers at dawn, skinny dipping in the creek with more than two dozen other teenagers, posing for each other’s paintings and drawings, and navigating through the nuances of infatuation and despair, to become sparkly, rebellious adults who still prolifically make art and enjoy collaborating. 

Jonah Michea Judy

Musician,  Film Maker & Trim Carpenter

We met in misty wooded mountains of Western North Carolina in December 2004. Michea had just turned 17, and had already written over 50 songs. Over the last decade we've collaborated on songwriting, vocal harmonies, visual art, storytelling, music videos, house building, goat milking, and coparenting, to name a few. 


Irina Fialko

Artist & Corset Maker

Irina's drawings are fanciful illustrations of fairy tales. Her corsets share the wistful, renaissance theme. Irina moved to New York City from Kiev, Ukraine with her family when she was nine years old. She spends much of her time in the desert of New Mexico.  

Eva Marino

Comic Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Eva and I shared several classes at Northern Arizona University. I am in love with her 'Lady of Roses', and so I feature that as the link to her website, despite her brilliant ongoing superhero webcomic called Backwards Forwards. We both have families from many different countries, and I enjoy talking with her about cultures and how they interact.

Savannah Rose

Tattoo Artist & Designer

Savannah's tattoo shop Sailing Saint Tattoo is located in Sitka, Alaska. From her tattoo chair, you may have the good fortune of spotting a whale, while gazing along the island's shoreline across to the blue-green mountains. I was lucky enough to meet Savannah, and receive my first tattoo from her, before she moved from the desert to the island town she now calls home. 

Julie Mackenzie

Farmer & Owner of Great Wool

My grandmother Madolen grew up in Minnesota, on a farm, the fifth of six sisters. Their grandparents immigrated from Bohemia in 1857. When I was a small child, we would roadtrip from the East Coast to the huge Wilcox family reunions. Madolen's eldest sister Lee still lives in Minnesota.

Lee's daughter Julie Mackenzie started raising sheep for wool two decades ago, after she rescued a barn that was in need of repair. The barn was raised in 1923, the year Lee was born.

"We provide wool fleece, top, roving and yarns to discriminating fiber artists. Our wool is grown under glorious Minnesota daybreaks, magnificent sunsets and beautiful stars."

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