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Heat of Your Lungs 

original song by Nicole Celeste Anderson

Performed A Capella

June 2017

Walking Down the Mountain 

of off the album Osiyo Ocean

by Jonah Michea Judy

featuring backing vocals by Nicole Celeste Anderson

Music Media

Covering Elliott #2

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ellie Lowther on the 'Covering Elliott' project. Album cover for the second in the Covering Elliott series:

Two Disc Set

Two Disc Set: Night, the Different Painting & Blood on Snow by Jonah Michea Judy Released 2013

Milk Sink

Milk Sink Debut Album Artwork, booklet, and disc. 2007

Milk Sink

Released 2007 Jonah Michea Judy's debut album, Milk Sink

Osiyo Ocean

2014 Digital Release of Osiyo Ocean by Jonah Michea Judy

Stack of freshly pressed 'Night, The Different Painting' albums. Photo by Jordan Hunnicutt. Music by Jonah Michea Judy

Night, the Different Painting
Blood on Snow

Night, the Different Painting's second album in two disc set, Blood on Snow. Released 2013

Night, the Different Painting
Firestorm Flier

Old handbill of Asheville show, featuring musicians Ash Devine and Jonah Michea Judy

Kim Choo Ja

Portrait of Kim Choo Ja, used in various promotional materials for the South Korean Pop Singer's 2014 shows.

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