Music  MEDIA 

Cover Art, Packaging, Disc Design, Fliers, Music Videos


I relish creating album artwork and designing media to complement music.

I hope to continue to work with many more musicians.
Primarily I have worked with my partner, Jonah Michea Judy, to create artwork for his body of music.

For both Night, the Different Painting and Milk Sink, I utilized photoshop CS4 to create multimedia artwork booklets and CD imprints, incorporating photography, drawings, paintings, and text, formatting lyrics, and created a cohesive, themed, aesthetically pleasing and retail-ready finished product.

Osiyo Ocean was released digitally and, enjoyably, in sticker form.

I love making music videos! I want to learn how to animate watercolor paintings, for further music video festivities!

Concept for Selu music video by Jonah Michea Judy and Nicole Celeste Anderson, filmed at Mills River Campground in Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina. 

Footage shot by Nicole Celeste Anderson and Jordan Hunnicutt. 

Video editing primarily by Nicole Celeste Anderson with help from JMJ. 2014

Walking Down the Mountain 

of off the album Osiyo Ocean

by Jonah Michea Judy

featuring backing vocals by Nicole Celeste Anderson

 2020 by Nicole Celeste Anderson