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Spoken Word


photo by Kris Enos of interactive art Whispers in the Grove


Follow the link to hear spoken word soundscape by Nicole Celeste


The following text is from the Night Multimedia Art website:

Did you know trees communicate through underground networks of roots and fungus? Visit this woman-made forest of interconnected, neuron-like, steel forms that rise to support bulbs, the leaf canopy. Each bulb is enveloped in found materials and illuminated, like fireflies who express through their flicker. Hear "Whispers in the Grove".

Inspired by mycorrhiza, trees' communication through an underground network of roots and mycelium fungus, the artists built steel trees topped by cell-like bulbs made of reclaimed bottle caps from different cities around the USA. The forest-like structure is illuminated with internal lights, voice tubes invite people to whisper to each other from across the sculpture, and for the opening, a soundscape by poet Nicole Celeste Anderson will guide participants in contemplating life in symbiosis. Our budding understanding of the mycorrhiza phenomenon makes humans and plants seem more similar. This network is reminiscent of human neurons, the internet, even our network of roads connecting cities. Through “Whispers in the Grove” artists Kathy Creutzburg, Natalia Lesniak, and Mirabai Kwan Yin seek to peak the public’s interest in science and nature, as well as fostering a sense of interconnection between humans and plants, leading to responsible conservation efforts and sustainable practices.

Locations: Figment NYC 2018 on Governor's Island, Sam and Sadie Koenig Garden, Elements Festival in the Bronx, in 2019 at Philipse Manor Hall in Yonkers, NY, 6BC Botanical Garden in the East Village, and LESEC’s East River Park Compost Yard

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